MARCH 2016


I have finally been able to make a few quality of life changes to the site.

The first being with the Garden Planner page and it concerns the translated versions. Previously when selecting a different language the dropdown lists would not be in alphabetical order. I was able to write a small function that re-sorts the list if it notices a different language than English. So now each language should be properly sorted so you can find seeds easier.

The second change was to the search feature. There was a bug that I could not figure out for the longest time and somehow was able to figure it out today! It would occur when there were no confirmed crosses found on the search results page. This has been fixed and the search should be working as intended now.

The last update which I'm excited to announce is that Chinese translations are hopefully coming to the site soon! I was contacted by a player who also helped with the translations on Ariyala's site and we're in the process of making it happen.